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 The leading plumbing company located in South East Queensland, Big Blue Plumbing offers high-quality solutions to domestic, strata, and commercial plumbing issues. If you require a brand new kitchen or bathroom the full-service plumbing business can handle it for you. from leak identification to repair of water damage, Big Blue plumbing can tackle everything. Our plumbers have been providing excellent service for over 15 years and we constantly strive to offer the best possible customer service.

Big Blue Plumbing has been operating for more than twenty years. Its technicians are trained and certified. The company is committed to providing customers with satisfaction with all plumbing services. Along with the highest quality of products and service, Big Blue Plumbing provides services that are available on the same day, as well as interest-free financing, and 24-hour emergency plumbing service. Their expertise means that plumbing problems don't need to become a burden. Call Big Blue Plumbing today to make an appointment for a plumbing service! We'll make you happy.

The most common pipe found in plumbing systems of the greater Baltimore area is composed of polybutylene. It is also known as "Big Blue" pipe. It was used in plumbing lines from the late 1970s, and was referred to commonly as "Big Blue." It's not as robust like it was originally believed to be and could result in a myriad of plumbing problems. It is why replacing it with copper is the ideal solution that you have for your property. It's easy to spot when your pipes are made of polybutylene , and are suffering from the possibility of leaking.

We were very pleased with Big Blue Plumbing's rapid response. The plumbers were on site within 15 minutes and performed their magic. Nick was one among the Big Blue plumbers, diagnosed the issue and ordered an replacement part within few hours. Our plumbing issue was rectified in just a few seconds, and we're very thankful for his prompt response. If you're experiencing urgent plumbing problems, call Big Blue Plumbing today and get your plumbing problems solved. Contact us or go to the site of the business today!

If you believe the pipes you have are made of polybutylene and you suspect that they are, you should hire a plumbing contractor. These pipes are susceptible to damage and could burst at any point. By hiring a professional plumber, you will ensure you have sufficient water pressure and avoid the risk of flooding and water damage. Before you call Big Blue Plumbing, check the integrity of the pipe. You'll be glad you did. All that hard work will be worth it!

Author : Steven Bahbah

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Big Blue Plumbing is South East Queensland’s premier plumbing company dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions to domestic, commercial and strata plumbing across the East Coast of Queensland.

We provide plumbing solutions to regions such as; the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay regions for services like drainage, hot water, gas and commercial plumbing solutions.

For reliable, friendly and professional plumbers on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay, look no further than Big Blue Plumbing.

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